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Bio-metric attendance Software Development India

Industries offering goods and services of great quality are bidding at Bio-metric to ensure security and management of day to day attendance of the staff. Many features like Bio-metric fingerprint reader, fingerprint door access, attendance machine, and Bio-metric attendance system etc are provided by us. We have gathered a team of some highly qualified person to achieve the goal better. They are always learning to monetize the affair in a much more better and effective way. To upgrade the quality of the products our team invests their time into it. We do provide the best quality goods and services to our clients in the whole market.

To save the time invested in managing the time and attendance of students and teachers, the formula of arranging completely innovative and distinctive biometric time attendance system is known by Yug Technology. We provide different types of biometric machine system like fingerprint attendance recorder and thumb based attendance machine for our client. You can have simple customized biometric machine according to your needs, requirements, and budget.

If you want to be a turnaround at your business place or school, biometric time attendance system and attendance management system is the best thing to adopt in your work culture.

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Employees Attendance Software

As far as attendance management is concerned lots of issues and mismanagement takes place at every level and so this software is brought to address all these challenges. Attendance report, daily attendance summary are some of the features which help management better understand the stay hours of employees in the organization.

Web-Based Attendance Software

We also offer our clients web-based features like MIS dashboards, missing punch approval, attendance business intelligence, centralized data management etc. As per your need, demand, and requirement, you can get customized biometric attendance machine.

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