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GST was implemented with the concept of ‘One Nation One Tax’. Right from the manufacturer to the consumer, applies a single tax on the supply of goods and services.

GST is charged where the goods are consumed instead of where they are produced, and that is why it is known as a destination-based tax. GST eliminates several indirect states and federal taxes levied by local bodies. Hence the consumer has to pay the GST only to the supplier in the distribution chain.

GST Solution Features

Enterprises largely transact on the ERP system. Yug Technology Solution gets transaction data from ERP for all business transactions through the interface for GST filing.

Concept Of GST Explained

For different taxpayers there are different GST portals available (SME, large enterprise, small retail vendor etc). Purchase/ sale register data can be converted into GST compliance format with the help of GSP and integration of the GST system with accounting packages EPR. GST requirements can be met by any industry with a specific need.

Design and implementation framework

Permission to use third-party applications can provide varied interfaces on various platforms. The EXACT GSP will connect with the GST system via secure APIs. GSPs use GST APIs to enrich and enhance the taxpayer's user-friendly experience.

App Development Process


We research the client's industry, corporate ecosystem, competitors, and brand to identify and discover problem areas and areas of opportunity. We work with the client to find perfect solutions to these areas, using our expertise in defining a problem-solving strategy.


In the Design phase, we architect a workable solution with our developers to identify the problems. In this consultative exercise, developers at the distance work closely with clients, in a back and forth collaboration, to design a workable app solution; focusing on aesthetic design and technical architectural design.


The collation of client dependencies; incorporating their analytics, social media platforms and other assets into the development of the app. The various designs defined in the previous stage are applied to functional interfaces in the app, maximizing the user experience. At this stage, we hold weekly meetings for feedback with clients.


Our specialist Android development teams test each other’s work, identify any outlying development issues and the internal product and after that hand over the app to the owner. We go through final testing with clients to ensure all the requirements outlined in discovery, and that key features are fit for end users.

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