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Its very difficult to restructure an ordinary school into a digitalised one. Our team of PHP developers expertise in development and designing of web school EPR-the most advance social and college management software. To create a positive school culture all over the world, we are participating in academic upliftment program by providing our unique software as we consider ourself an integrated part of the society. If you believe in result-oriented outcome, then you should invest in this easy to use and highly scalable product.

You can manage classes, attendance, marks, sections, teachers, students, fees with help of this software. You can even get easy reports with this software like CBSE-CCE, outstanding fees, attendance, marks etc. Every school must have SMS software as it is developed keeping in mind all the requirements of the school. This software makes the life easy for school management staff. This software is designed also keeping in mind those staff who are not very comfortable with technology and so it is made very easy to use. This software organises the school information and also is highly effective in saving time and money.

Benefits of school management software

For the proper functioning of any educational organization, school management software is beneficial in many ways:

  • TOrganization of student’s annual data in accessible and simple format.
  • For multi disciplinary schools and institutions, translucent and federal management can be done with the help of this software.
  • Management of calendar can be done in a multitalented way which helps in the planning of holiday and deciding the holiday.
  • Data can be made available instantly
  • This software helps in facilitating highly developed communication.
  • This software helps to generate computerized time table.
  • Students attendance plan can be generated with the help of mobile or SMS integrated plans available
  • Teacher’s profile development is done authentically.
  • Easier access to data is made.

Features of School Management Software

Some more advantages

This software makes various activities easier, some of these activities are:

  • Easier tracking of the students can be made.
  • Work load of administration development is reduced-problems of administrative department can be identified and resolved easily with tools and techniques made available by this software.
  • Quality of teaching is improved- teaching method is the most important thing in the school. To improve the teaching method in the school various learning management methods are provided by school management software.
  • Saves the time

For the effective running and functioning of the school using of this tool is considered to be a great idea. Many more departments can be handled with this software such as management of school assets, department of human resources, management of student’s attendance, management of fees and even the management of exams and results. For every modern school this is a must installed software and also it is user-friendly and highly easy to maintain.

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