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Angular is an exceptional choice for web apps due to its versatility and comprehensive features. Angular is a feature-rich framework for web apps that allows developers to build dynamic, single-page applications with a fluid user experience. When it comes to custom web app development, Angular’s adaptability shines through hybrid app development.

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Angular JS Development Company in India

Angular JS is a structural framework for creating dynamic internet Apps. This technology helps in making well-structured similarly as feature-rich internet applications within the standard vogue. Yug Technology, As a Prominent Web Development company in India, is also one of the approved Angular JS Development Company in India having the best expertise in this field. If you are looking for Angular JS Programmer, tell us your need and we promise you to deliver the best solution at a reasonable price.

The Angular JS professional team at Yug technology work for giant-scale similarly as tiny scale business.With providing the best quality product we always focus on providing full back end comprehensive customization service to our clients.

The objective of yug technology isn't solely to produce a quality product on time but also conjointly provide distinctive and real resolution to their consumer for developing an online application. Our qualified developers team has successfully delivered several dynamic websites with robust framework.

We almost have 5 years of experience in delivering AngularJS Development Services in India and developing web application in Angular JS Framework. Over this long journey, we have developed number of simple yet scalable applications with refined features suiting extensive business requirements. Our business expertise at the side of access to advanced tools and technologies facilitate us to develop cost-efficient, quality mobile and internet application.

Why Choose Us As An Angular JS Development Company in India?

We deliver you the best web development Services in India as per your need and budget. You can count on us for your next project as we are capable enough to handle it and deliver you with positive results.

AngularJS Development Company in India

  • Agile and dynamic AngularJS development solution.
  • Use MongoDB at the backend with Single page web app development.
  • Cross platform mobile app development with Ionic.
  • Use of various server side technologies like PHP Ruby on Rails, JAVA and ASP.NET
  • Easy to read code with MVC and dependency injection.
  • Use of two-way data binding for rapid development of real time applications.

The Best Angular Development Company

Boasting a decade of industry excellence, our adept in-house development team specializes in creating customized Angular web applications. We've successfully conceptualized and deployed applications, providing our clients with a decisive edge in highly competitive environments. As a prominent Angular development company based in India, we take satisfaction in fashioning unique enterprise solutions that significantly impact diverse business domains.

Complete Transparency
We are committed to unwavering transparency throughout every phase of custom Angular development. We believe in fostering clear communication to provide our clients with real-time insights and updates into their projects' progress, challenges, and achievements.
Engagement Models
We are highly flexible with our engagement models. We have a set of predefined engagement models to meet every project requirement – from single-page web apps to complex enterprise app development. Additionally, we can also summarize a personalized plan to fit your business needs and budget.
Agile Development Methodology
Embracing an Agile methodology is the cornerstone of our Angular web application development approach. Our commitment to agile empowers us to deliver responsive, client-centric app solutions that exceed expectations while maintaining a transparent and efficient development journey.
Competitive Development Rates
We are an Angular development company with budget-friendly solutions and unwavering quality and security. Though our Angular development services are at competitive rates, we always strive for the quality of results. Moreover, we also provide professional maintenance and support services.
On-Time Delivery
Our experienced Angular developers ensure the timely completion & delivery of the project by following the best industry practices & the highest level of software quality. Even under time constraints, we steadfastly refuse to compromise the caliber of solutions crafted for our valued clients.
One-Stop Solution / Unified Solution
Being a Best Angular development agency We have a dedicated group of AngularJS developers who are always ready to offer end-to-end IT services, design, development, and quality assurance for various industry domains and technologies.
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Advantages of Angular JS

  • Localization
  • Ease and speed of development
  • Build custom widgets with the help of directives
  • Reusable HTML components
  • REST friendly
  • Dependency Injection evokes developers to pose for dependencies instead of looking for them
  • High-quality web templating by simply expanding HTML vocabulary
  • Ease of testing
  • Management between Model and DOM with two way data binding

Angular.JS Services We Offer

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Learning Platforms
  • Real-Time & Interactive Maps
  • Comes with a comprehensive unit and the e2e testing environment
  • Flexibility to filter data
  • Theme Generators and Text Editors
  • E-commerce Stores and Marketplaces
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Content Management Tools

Angular Development Services in India

Angular SPA Development

We have a team of talented Angular developers who strive to provide smooth and swift SPAs for all your business needs. Hire Angular developers with vast experience in building single-page web applications.

Progressive Web App Development

Work with the best Angular web application development company with an in-depth understanding of developing cutting-edge web applications that render a 100% immersive, mobile-friendly user experience.

Real-Time Web App Development

Do you need a web app to meet specific business requirements, retain clients, or enhance business growth? Hire Angular developers for real-time web application development at affordable prices & excellent quality.

Angular Plugin Development

With our Angular plugin development services, we provide the tools to extend the capabilities of your web apps and meet your unique business requirements. Hire skilled developers to create tailored Angular plugins.

Angular Migration Services

As an Angular development company, we help businesses with professional Angular migration services. We assist businesses in smoothly transitioning from legacy systems to more advanced and sustainable technologies.

Angular Support and Maintenance

We are committed to offering professional support & maintenance services after the development and deployment of your project. You can hire a skilled Angular developer for 24*7 Angular maintenance & support services.

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Our Angular development process is designed to be effortlessly simple and transparent. We prioritize 100% client involvement throughout the entire development journey, ensuring the final outcome aligns precisely with our clients' expectations. At every stage, our commitment to collaboration and open communication guarantees that your vision takes center stage, culminating in an Angular web application that authentically connects with your audience.