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We help our clients do amazing things in their unique style. Our work brings jaw dropping first impressions and outstanding results on second look. Catch a glimpse behind the curtains at our popular works.

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Who We Are

Yug Technology ® is the leading enterprise software and IT outsourcing company in Udaipur Established in 2013, Yug Technology ® is a Web designing and SEO Service Company based in India. We provide a wide range of services in SEO and Web Development like Web Designing & Development, viral marketing, search engine marketing, etc. Our company started with Digital Marketing Services and kept on adding more and more services to its portfolio.

We have an efficient team of experts who are proficient enough to deliver to the clients’ need in an ever-changing world of the internet. Yug Technology has not looked back since 2013, we have achieved many milestones in our journey of five years. Our company started with 2 personnel and now our team has grown up to 48 members, all experts in their respective fields.

“At Yug Technology it is our mission to increase the visibility and profitability of our clients’ brand and website”


Yug Technology is a company providing web services, SEO Services and web development services. We provide services to clients worldwide in creative web application development and internet marketing.

Our aim is to help people achieve success on internet and our competency lies in our customers’ satisfaction. For knowing more about our services you can contact us anytime.

Innovation and Quality

Yug Technology always believes in innovation. We are better than others only due to this innovation. The internet is a medium which is different from all others and we know how and what to do to become successful using the internet.

To maintain high quality we follow strict norms in our projects. Our project goes live only after clearing all the quality tests. We work very hard to deliver quality work to our customers.

Our Strengths

  • We are one-stop IT service providers of
  • Mobile and web application and consultancy services.
  • Complete understanding and analysis of business through models and latest technology trends.
  • A team of 48+ members who are dedicated, competent and technically enriched.

CEO Message

Rajveer Singh Rathore

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that our company delivers. The efforts of our employees continue to focus on expanding our market and we are pleased with the acceptance we are receiving.

To that end, our market share continues to grow and our global footprint continues to spread. We also have a number of promising new technologies and products in our website development and digital marketing and continue to pursue market-driven services.

Our objective is to seek out and hire talented, dedicated employees and to give them the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. We are a strong and diverse team of professionals with a shared purpose of experience in leading successful international projects in many different industries.

Work Culture At

Yug Technology

Our Areas of Expertise

To meet the ever-growing need of the clients, Xicom pro, an IT technology consultancy company gains insights into leading and emerging technologies actively.


Use various forms of communication

Customer support and engagement matters a lot in the highly competitive business world since it builds trust, nurtures a strong relationship with customers, and provides the company a face with the voice.

Live Chat

Without traveling we can meet and talk to the customers “face to face”. We make sure we don’t lose the audio even if we lose the video, we use Skype in conjunction with phone call.

Open ticket

Customers and clients can click on our open ticket for any kind of support and can call us for the complete Information. Within 30 minutes to 48 hours our team will give an immediate response.


To directly and clearly communicate with our clients, or to tackle sensitive issues well, we use phones too.


We mail our clients so that they can respond and talk to us according to their comfort.

Support customer all the way

Whenever our customers need us we support them. Nowadays businesses are losing relationships because of their busy schedule. And so we weekly or monthly provide reports related to our client’s projects, live video chatting etc for the sake of projects.

Social forums

Communication through social media is also what is done by us for customers. Our clients can choose either to read or just completely ignore.