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Yug technology is a leading digital marketing company helping to grow business and brands by delivering powerful results-driven strategies through our digital marketing services. Yug Technology is an award winning Digital Marketing Consultant. We bring your business success through the combination of strategic thinking and technical expertise in the highly dynamic fields of search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and social media. Our goal is to help you reach your target market by offering products designed to drive conversions effectively and efficiently, whilst improving the overall usability in a cost effective manner.

We provide online marketing services to companies, small business and ecommerce stores utilizing search engine marketing, social media, customer communication and web design services. Yug Technology is a leading digital marketing company, gives top-of-the-line services in web design and development, internet marketing, mobile apps development and software development. We also provide excellent service in corporate identity, publication design, multimedia design.

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Marketing is often a technique — and a set of tools — that can be implemented in order to assure that your business is reaching its goals. Marketing plans can vary by type, specific industry or the goals of the business which are being targeted. Many companies have developed effective strategies for navigating the rough seas of marketing.

digital marketing agencies in IndiaTraditional Digital marketing agency in India

Yug Technology is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Udaipur offering Search engine optimization, social media marketing services and web development solutions for business promotion. We make your business discoverable to ensure better visibility on the World Wide Web and cater a customized package to suit your business needs.

As a non-traditional digital marketing agency in India

It's a proven fact: SEO is the best way to drive leads and customers online. But as a non-traditional digital marketing agency in India, it's difficult to attract and retain clients that just don't know who we are. That's why we have taken our time to build up our network within the industry over the years. By being proactive on social media and creating value-filled content that we share with our audience, we've established connections with local, national, and international brands that all trust us with their growth online.

Yug Technology (known to be one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Udaipur) is also a non-traditional agency. That's because success to us is not just about putting your business on the top search results – but giving you a strategic approach that brings you measurable outcomes, improved metrics and advanced website rankings in almost no time to boot.

Digital marketing

We offer Web Designing Services, Search Engine Optimization in Delhi, Digital Marketing in Udaipur, Social Media Management and Backlinking services, Blogger Outreach Services etc. We have the best team in each department which helps us serve our clients with better quality work and improves each project with their expertise.

Our services include: Web Designing and Development, Graphic Designing and Logo Designing, SEO Services - Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Management , PPC Management and Pay Per Click Management , Content Writing for SEO purposes, Blogger Outreach Service etc . We are working on a mission and that is to "Spread the word of our clients through different media platforms and bring more people to them."

Why invest in a digital marketing company in India?

Yug Technology is one of the best digital marketing services in India. When you want to make your product or service available to a global audience online, you need a digital marketing company in India. There are several reasons why businesses around the world invest in digital marketing companies in India to make their products and services available online.

As the popularity of digital marketing increases day by day, we can't ignore the importance of digital marketing agencies in India. The advancements in technology drive a brand to avail digital marketing services through a professional agency in India.

Digital marketing is a new way to connect with target customers and make them aware of products or services offered by the brand.

The service of a digital marketing company can open new horizons for your business, as it is necessary for survival in the modern world. The company should be capable of dealing with almost all kinds of challenges that it comes up with.

Why is Digital Marketing important for your business?

The increasing number of people getting connected to the internet has led to the expansion of electronic businesses that have broadened their reach significantly with both potential and existing clients. With the advent of digital marketing, industry professionals are discovering a new way of increasing their target audience.

Your Audiences Are Online

Digital marketing and social media are powerful tools for communicating with your customers. These can connect to your present audience, convert new ones and help you build long-lasting relationships with them. The fact that your audience is online should be enough for you to invest in a proper marketing strategy for your business.

​Cost-Effective And Fast Reach

The best digital marketing agencies have the potential to grow your business faster than you could ever think possible - and in the most cost-effective way. One of the biggest benefits of using a digital marketing agency is the expertise they bring to the table. Digital marketing agencies are made up of people who know what they're doing and understand what it takes to make your business into a success story.

Better ROI

Digital Marketing will help you find the right customers and convert them into loyal customers. However, if you plan a wrong strategy, it can hurt your business. We help you to set-up a proper strategy so that it attracts your optimal customer profile and increases your ROI. Marketing your website is important but it's even more important to be strategic about what you're doing. Your choice of content marketing, social media and SEO will determine how far your business goes and how much money you make.

​You Can Reach Out To Your Audiences

In this digital era, your business need not to depend on the traditional ways of marketing. This is because; you can get in touch with the right audience which your target groups are using the internet to communicate. Digital marketing is a very efficient and authentic way for getting the trust and confidence of the customers.

​IT Reaches To Mobile Phone Users

Digital marketing helps to bring a variety of audiences in front of you. It is easy, affordable, and traceable than other marketing methods. This allure for digital marketing comes as many marketers and business owners are working at zeroing in on their target audiences.

They are now focusing on specific groups within their target customers and then finding ways to reach them through different means. Nowadays people prefer using their mobile/smartphones to get information or conduct research. This has led many companies to shift their marketing effort towards digital channels.

Build Your Brands Reputation

Word-of-mouth is the top reason consumers would switch between brands, more than any other factor. Delivering on the digital experience is considered important by 89% of consumers, in fact 70% indicate a negative experience can lead to them taking their business elsewhere!

​Higher Revenues

The internet has changed the way we do business online, not just by increasing transactions. The internet also provides new and innovative ways to generate new revenues that would never have been possible without it. Of course, your success will depend on how you use these new methods, so it's important that you don't overlook the basics.

And it works for promoting anything on a wide range of platforms, from a new product to sending messages to the right audience. By using Digital Marketing techniques you can easily increase your visibility and brand's awareness, boost sales, and build strong relationships with clients.

Marketing Strategy

1. Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a multifaceted approach to generating leads and sales by providing value through content, tactics and channels that attract your target demographic to you. But what is inbound marketing? Through building credibility and authority online through content marketing, social media and SEO, you can attract your ideal prospects to your website where they will be nurtured and transformed into leads.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that relies on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful — in contrast to traditional “outbound” marketing techniques such as cold calling, direct mail and sales calls. It's a marketer's job to figure out what types of content these potential customers will find compelling, then create it and distribute it to where the customers are.

2. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is an effective method used in attracting search engines and improves the website's traffic. Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website's visibility to search engines. It is a long and challenging process, but by using some simple techniques you will improve your SEO and create a stable website.

Search engine optimization is the art of giving a website the best chance possible to rank well in search engines for relevant keywords or terms. For example, if someone searched for "comparison of popular SEO tools" then your website should appear near the top of the results, if it's able to rank at all. Search engine optimization involves four main activities: keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and backlinks.

3. Analytics and reporting

As a marketer, reporting and analysis is one of the areas you spend a lot of time in. There isn't one tool that would rule them all when it comes to reporting and analysis. Analytics tools can help you dive deep into your data to discover insights and formulate actionable recommendations which can help you with your marketing efforts.

4. Web design and development

That’s why you need to focus on the most essential elements of your new design before you get carried away with the bells and whistles. The team at the Web Design Agency will focus on your goals and requirements to create a bespoke solution.

5. Content marketing

As you already know, content marketing is a powerful way to attract, engage and delight customers while positioning your brand as an industry leader. But creating the right content can be a challenge, especially when you don't have the resources or in-house skills.

Content marketing can bring in new leads and it is a great way to grab the attention of your targets. In this world where there is fierce competition it has become obvious that the people who win are those who take marketing as a means and not an end, who believe that marketing means creating content and distributing it effectively to the right audience instead of focusing on managing campaigns or moving ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is digital marketing?

You've likely heard the term digital marketing, or perhaps digital marketing agency. At its core, digital marketing is the process of using online channels to affect your target market -- both in terms of attracting new leads and nurturing relationships with existing customers. Digital marketing is used by businesses, organizations and individuals that want to promote themselves and their products financially or socially.

2Why move to digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a breath of fresh air for many marketers who are struggling to grow their businesses. Even if your business is doing well on traditional marketing techniques, you can still benefit from employing digital marketing.

If you were to open any business publication today, or simply use your favorite search engine, you would be met with an enormous amount of information about the latest inbound marketing and digital marketing strategies. It seems like there is a new way of marketing emerging in today's modern economy every day.

3How to choose the best digital marketing company?
This increases your chances of reaching your desired customers. Choosing the right service provider is never an easy task. It should be taken extremely seriously. Proper research and evaluation of your target market and competitive landscape is mandatory, in order to avoid making a wrong decision.
4What services do you provide in digital marketing?

We specialize in ecommerce, which includes SEO, pay-per-click and conversion rate optimization. If you have an existing ecommerce website or are planning on having one in the future, we can help you maximize its potential. We offer creative strategies that attract a targeted audience, bring in quality customers, and convert these leads into customers or donors.

Our Services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Services
  • Paid Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Shopify Marketing
  • Complete E-commerce Solutions
5How can I connect to your team?
Thank you for showing interest in our digital marketing services. You can call us: +91 9460323232, or drop an email: Our team will get back to you shortly.

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