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Unlocking the Power of Local
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As per Google, 46% of searches or queries have local intentions. These statistics are enough to prove the importance of local SEO for your business. Local SEO relates to promoting your products or services to local customers at the time they are looking for it. Yug Technology makes your website rank preferably when your customers do a location-specific search. Yug Technology an SEO Company in India adopts a variety of online marketing methods that are different from standard SEO to make your website visible first to local customers.

Use Our Local SEO & Marketing Services

Which are one of the best methods for promoting your business.

Local SEO promotion is best suited for start-ups or small businesses who want to establish their name in the market. By using local SEO service both big and small businesses can make their products or services reach to nowadays web-savvy customers.

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We provide top-notch web development solutions tailored to your requirements and budget. Rely on us for your upcoming projects, confident in our capability to deliver positive outcomes.

1Technical website criteria

For both standard SEO and local SEO the website should suffice to following criteria like free of errors, comply with a plethora of devices, structured well, and optimized properly. If these essentials are missing from your website we first make your website have these essential features.

For Local SEO, we then add ‘Contact Us’ page displaying the name, address, and contact number of each of your offices. If you have multiple offices located in different cities we ensure that the details of all are displayed in the footer elements throughout your website. One of the most important things that we make sure is your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) is easily clickable from mobile devices too.

We understand that any discrepancy in displaying contact information can result in confusion, decreased customer trust and as a resultant decreased search ranking. So we ensure two things: First, consistency in displaying your contact information. Second, all your website’s pages are linked to a high-quality navigational menu.

2Get local content right

Checklist for local content: No borrowing: Do not ever make the mistake of borrowing content from other websites. It is highly penalized by Google and massively harms your SEO efforts. Plagiarized content is not at all tolerated and your rank will drift down in google search results. Unique Page: If you provide services in multiple cities than create a unique page for each city rather than publishing the same information for each city. This trick works well in case of local SEO. Build brand name: If you deal in multiple businesses then go for a single website highlighting all your products/services. It builds customer satisfaction and your brand name in the market.

3Methods for Creating Unique, User/Search Friendly Content
Yug Technology adopts a number of ways to make your website rank top in local searches:
  • Dividing customer testimonials between each city’s page.
  • Maintaining on-site blogs does wonder for both local and standard SEO
  • Publish images and videos
  • Use appropriate text-tags
  • Provide transcriptions for YouTube Videos
  • Keep your website dynamic by publishing interviews of experts from your field, sponsoring events and covering the same related to your business.
  • Give staff bios so that customers know whom to expect when they pay a visit.
4Basics of Citation
Citations if done improperly can cause more harm than good. Citations are basic for local SEO and promote your presence strongly online, making you reach easily to local customers. At Yug Technology we take care that your citations are done in a manner which is most fruitful to you. Many people don’t realize that abbreviations vary from platform to platform. Our team of experts knows which abbreviations are acceptable by which platform and thus you are saved from another commonly made mistake. We make sure that all your links very well point to the specific landing page.
Reviews are another important tool that promotes your brand. Customer reviews are extremely important for any business. We help our clients earn good reviews by taking the following steps:
  • Listing of business on major review platforms like Yelp, Google, My Business, Facebook etc.
  • Listing your business correctly on geography/ industry specific review sites.
  • Most challenging are Google reviews but they are most impactful too. We guide you how to crack Google reviews.
  • Our experts give you customized services by exploring all possible avenues for customer reviews.
  • We ensure customers leave reviews using own account so that they are acceptable to Google and other major review sites.
  • Review acquisition is an ongoing process so it is better to have reviews come in at a slow and steady pace, which is appreciated by review sites too.
  • Develop a mechanism to respond to positive/negative reviews. This builds trust and confidence of your customers in your business. The customers come to know that you are worried about the negative feedback and are trying to improve.

Extra Added Benefits of Partnering with Yug Technology

Clear Communication: We keep you informed in a straightforward manner, avoiding jargon and complex language for easy understanding across all.

Online Support: Access a local SEO consultant online anytime for personalized assistance. Connect with us to reach local customers effectively!

Transparent Pricing: No concealed fees. All pricing details clearly stated upfront.

Proactive Problem Resolution: At Yug Technology, we take a proactive approach to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a seamless experience and optimal performance for your business.

Website Optimization
Business Listings
Citation Building
Reviews & Ratings

How can we help you?

Our Google Places/ Plus Local Pages service will assist you with following:

  • Research your niche area and determine keywords best suited to your business.
  • Research your competitors and provide you with information about them.
  • Determine your present position and also your competitors’ position.
  • Create a customized plan for promoting your business locally.
  • Make a fully optimized Google places listing.
  • List your website on best local online and category-specific web directory.
  • Earning and managing effective customer reviews.
  • Update you with monthly reports on traffic, triggers, goals, backlinks, citations, search ranking, brand mentions etc.

Tailored Solutions and Strategic Campaigns!

Elevate your local business in India with our specialized marketing services. From strategic campaigns to tailored solutions, we ensure visibility and growth. Contact us today to harness the power of targeted marketing, driving success for your business. Choose us for impactful strategies and watch your local presence thrive.