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As the Best Wordpress development company in India, Our WordPress developers knows how to develop custom WordPress functions to suit your unique needs and business processes, and even implement a intuitive simple to use admin user interface making it super simple to keep your website content up to date. We can integrate WordPress with your favorite CRM or ERP to sync customer details, stock, analytics, or any other data for you, keeping your business processes intact and data up to date across multiple channels.

We’ve been developing exceptional, fully B2C and B2B WordPress websites for years, and can develop the most complex, but easy to use, WordPress solutions for you. Being a dominant web designing, development, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company, Just Total Tech provides a fully professional & affordable WordPress Development integration along with other open-source customization services. Our Word Press development team provides WordPress integration as well as customization of service according to your needs and requirements. These days development and the maintenance of the websites are on a large scale.

Being a dominant web designing company in India, development and SEO company in India, Yug Technology provides fully professional & affordable WordPress Development integration along with other open-source customization services. Our WordPress development team provides WordPress integration as well as customization service according to your needs and requirements. The development and maintenance of the website on a large scale.

Wordpress Development Services in India

Why Choose Us As Wordpress Development?

WordPress development is becoming very popular these days, especially among people who are desirous of hosting a great website on a limited budget. It’s a free yet effective open source web development tool that can translate your dream of hosting a user-friendly website into reality without exceeding your budget.

WordPress Theme Integration & Customization Services
WordPress comes with a large number of plug-ins each of which is equipped to completely transform the foundation of your site. But what’s the use of a perfect tool without a skillful workman? Here is where we step in to make the best use of the tool and proved you with a website that can create an impressive online identity for your brand. Services provided by Yug Technology widely considered to be on par with the services offered by the best WordPress development company in India.As a reputable web development company which is often alternatively regarded by many as a prominent WordPress development company India, Yug Technology has been working on WordPress, since the initial days of this open source application and is familiar with all the strengths and weaknesses of the tool. We are making the best use of the tool to come up with a web design that can impress your clients and attract traffic. Our company’s WordPress development process starts from thoroughly understanding your needs and requirements – we believe in looking into your requirements from your point of view to design a WordPress site that perfectly fits into your needs. We let you choose a template that you like the most and customize it to suit the WordPress web design you have in mind.
Themes and appearance
Like the conventional saying goes ‘first impression is the best impression’. The appearance of your site is equally important like its other features. As an experienced web designing company in India we very well understand the gravity of this fact. We pick the best WordPress theme suiting your idea and fine tune it to make it perfectly fitting for your site. We customize the web design to make your site look a million bucks website. We aim to build our business through the satisfaction of clients and therefore, we strive to make every site we develop look different from others and stand out in the cyberspace. We have experts in the field who have been keeping a close track on the developments in WordPress with a passion for deploying the tool effectively.
Handover the Control
The ease of website management is one of the greatest advantages of WordPress but it’s never easy for a novice unless someone walks him through the steps. Our WordPress Development experts in Cochin, Kerala, India are complete guides of the tool. We teach you how to manage your site with ease and acquaint you with the control panel, putting you on the driver’s seat. You can manage your content on the site, upload images, change the style of the menus etc. Our company will develop a well equipped great looking WordPress website for you and hand-over total control to you, giving you the freedom to manage and monitor your site. At the same time, we always stay a ring away to offer you instant support whenever you want.We are a complete web solution company in India that is committed to offering every sort of online solution you require under our roof. You have to never approach a third party to launch your WordPress website. We offer you cost-effective web hosting plans to launch your site on a reliable server without paying too much. Quality and ethical work standard are what set Yug Technology apart from the saturated market. We thrive by the mantra – “Build brand not just a website.” If you are looking for a bespoke web design services in india, Rajasthan, our services are the ones that will knock you off your seats. We are an Indian based local WordPress development team that believes in making a difference with our products and services. Our system workflow is maintained every week and improved from every angle to offer a better user experience. Every design follows the latest trend and technology to ensure an incredibly streamlined interface.We put our best web design India experts to bring an unmatched web experience. We create a brand with your website that stands above the crowd. We don’t just build a web page; we create a journey that connects with your audience every time they land on your website.
Web Design that Sparkles Brilliance
We craft websites that has a touch of brilliance and creativity. Every layout we make is custom coded with a tonne of homework done based on your briefing. Don’t have a brief? Not a problem at all. We can certainly use our collaborative technical mind and experience to design a layout that fits your brand perfectly. There is a lot that goes into crafting a beautiful website from discovery to building a wireframe. Our streamlined process is all about keeping you in the loop and making the experience a breeze for our clients.We neither believe in mediocrity nor something that’s stale. The route of one template fits every niche is a No-No for us. Our designers custom make every design with your target audience in the mind. We do our works do the talking. So, if you don’t believe us – check our portfolio. You will find every design with unique meaning and understanding toward branding.
Handcrafting Website that keeps the Door ringing for your Business
Whether you like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. Your website is like the cover of the book that makes the right first impression. However, just a mediocre work doesn’t ring a bell. You need an intuitive and meaningful design that resonates with your audience. This is what Yug Technology makes the difference. According to Steve Jobs – “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.”It’s the same formula we use while creating websites for our clients. We follow a pattern that defines a good website design without missing any technology that’s roaming around the web surface. There are various factors that come into a successful web page design. Our experience and continuous obsession with pixel perfect design give us an ultra edge to knock off a perfect website.

Real Web Designers with profound work process

We are real people with actual data that helps us with our work process. Our team consists of data scientists and web engineers that make decisions on the basis of actual facts and not assumptions.This is how our process functions:

Research and Planning

Every business is different. The Same set of rules doesn’t apply for all. So, as soon as we receive a brief from you, we go through our research & plan module. It consists of defining your target audience and building a site to achieve it.


We assign a designer to work on a wireframe based on the information we gathered from your brief as well as our planning program.


We don’t put the website right on your face when it’s done. Our system keeps you at loop every time we enter a phase. We let you decide if the wireframe is according to your concept.


We start the coding process after you accept the design we made for you. From a simple PSD to a fully functional website is a complicated process. Our engineers make it easy for you.

Marketing and Support

We never leave your hands even after your website is completed. We help you down the road with additional support. Also, we know you need an extra push to get your website to target eyeballs. Here is what our SEO and PPC experts come into action.

Add some extra love

Our process is never done without some extra love from our clients. As a token of love, we would really appreciate if you could refer our program to your friends and family.

Having confusion? Let us help you decide with our free consultation. We would love to hear from you over a cup of coffee.


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