Web Design and Development, SEO, Digital Marketing Internship in Sagwara

Web Designing Company in India
Brochure Design Company in India
February 26, 2021
Web Designing Company in India
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March 13, 2021
Web Designing Company in India

Website Designing is a Web Development process used for creating a website that focuses on using different aesthetic factors like layout, interface, and other visual imagery to create the website more attractive and easy to use. Web Design utilizes various types of programs and tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and then many to obtain the desired look. To create an efficient design, as a Web Designer, you’ll need to confine in mind the aim of the website, the audience, and the visual appeal of the design. Yug Technology provides the best web design and development internship in Sagwara.

In this internship, you will learn how to design and build websites by learning the first few of the essential principles of website designing, you’re also getting to learn HTML and CSS these are common coding languages on which all the new websites are built on. By the end of this internship, you’ll have all the skills required to design and build your own websites or even start a career as these skills are needed by nearly every single business within the world to connect with their customers.

Course Details

  • Introduction to website

Basic understanding of the web fundamentals

Types of websites

Internal concepts of HTML, CSS

Static web design

Designing of banners

Image optimization

Checking errors in HTML/XHTML documents

Procedures for W3C Markup validation

Basics of HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript

Creating user submission forms

  • PHP Basic Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction To PHP

What is PHP?

History of PHP

Usage of PHP

Advantage of using PHP

Unit 2: Server Management

Configure PHP Installation

Some Basic settings

More about the directory structure

Details about different types of a server

Unit 3: PHP Basics

The PHP Character Set




Data Type

PHP Structure and Syntax

Passing Variable between Pages

Unit 4: Expressions and Their Types

Using if-else statement


Date function format

File Include

Use of Functions

Array – Associated and Numeric Array

Sorting Arrays

Foreach constructs

Alternates to the echo command

way to use Javascript and CSS.

Unit 5: Form Elements

Working with Text box

Password, Select Box

Check the box

Radio button

Multiple List Box

Text Area

File Upload, Page Redirect

Ternary Operator

Form Validations.

Unit 6: File Operations

Opening and Shutting Files


PHP Functions for FILE handling

Reading a file

Dynamically create and Read a file.

CSS & Javascript Management

CSS Basics

Application of CSS with HTML

Types of CSS with examples


Array Declaration

Loop, Statements, InnerHTML,Math functions, Events, Javascript validations, Using PHP with Javascript

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