Web Design & Development Internship in Udaipur

Web Designing Company in India
A Complete Course of Digital Marketing Internships in India
February 20, 2021
Web Designing Company in India
Brochure Design Company in India
February 26, 2021
Web Designing Company in India

If you are eager to begin your profession as a web designer then you must initially undergo an appropriate website design internship in Udaipur. There are a lot of quality companies accessible in your locality. It is very simple for people those who have earlier designing knowledge as well as artistic skill. Web designing is not simply making a web page to display content as well as images.  To make a smart choice you can prefer a website design internship in Udaipur to gain excellent knowledge.  The web design internship is sought at present by several candidates, as well as it is a wide subject relevant along with designing of the websites.  If you decide to make a bright career in your life then, it is highly important for you to learn a website design internship in Udaipur at the best platform.  The website design internship includes several numbers of topics that will be cover during the season of the internship.

YUG Technology provides a great opportunity by offering a quality internship in Udaipur. This internship is prepared by expert professionals having more than 7-year experience in web designing & development. Whether you are a college student or an IT professional, this internship will help you to make your future bright. YUG Technology is the leading website designing company that provides Web Design & Development Internship in Udaipur.

Course Details:

Introduction to website

  • Basic understanding of the web fundamentals
  • Types of websites
  • Internal concepts of HTML, CSS
  • Static web design
  • Designing of banners
  • Image optimization
  • Checking errors in HTML/XHTML documents
  • Procedures for W3C Markup validation
  • Basics of HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript Creating user submission forms

PHP Basic Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction To PHPUnit 2: Server ManagementUnit 3: PHP BasicsUnit 4: Expressions and Their TypesUnit 5: Form ElementsUnit 6: File Operations
What is PHP?Configure PHP InstallationThe PHP Character SetUsing if-else statementWorking with Text boxOpening and Shutting Files
History of PHPSome Basic settingsConstantsOperatorsPassword, Select BoxFile Modes
Usage of PHPMore about the directory structureVariablesDate function format
Check the boxPHP Functions for FILE handling
Advantage of using PHPDetails about different types of a serverKeywordsFile IncludeRadio buttonReading a file
Data TypeUse of FunctionsMultiple List BoxDynamically create and Read a file
PHP Structure and SyntaxSorting ArraysText Area
Passing Variable between PagesFor each constructsFile Upload, Page Redirect
Alternates to the echo commandTernary Operator
way to use JavaScript and CSSForm Validations

CSS & JavaScript Management

  • JavaScript Management
    1. Variables
    2. Array Declaration
    3. Loop, Statements, InnerHTML,Math functions, Events, Javascript validations,
    4. Using PHP with JavaScript
  • CSS Management
    1. CSS Basics
    2. Application of CSS with HTML
    3. Types of CSS with examples

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